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Benenden Fertility goes live with Umbraco

By Digbyswift at May 31, 2011 13:55

I’ve recently finished a contract for a client developing a new, great looking site for Benenden Fertility, part of the Benenden Hospital Trust.

 benenden benenden_2

I used Umbraco 4.7 for this project since two previous projects had used Umbraco 4.5 and I wanted to delve into the changes but also wanted to push my client’s dev team into new pastures too!

I had originally estimated 2 weeks for the site build and am pleased to say the site was delivered on time with Benenden very happy with the results.

What I am especially pleased with was the lack of fixes or changes required by Benenden as a result of their internal testing, prior to go-live. In a nutshell, this means that:

  • The brief was good;
  • The spec did the job;
  • The dev process held up;
  • The QA process worked;
  • The communication between me, my client and Benenden was successful.

Of course, there is always room for improvement:

  • The spec wasn’t actually very good and I had to ignore most of it, checking only that I had not missed anything important;
  • The dev process did hold up but bad habits had to be compensated for by stringent QA;
  • QA was done entirely by the dev team and the designer. Surely this should never be the case.

Realistically, this is still pleasing since if the project had been perfect I would have been scratching my head wondering what I’d missed!

Most importantly for me though, is the fact that because the site was on time and that the Benenden was happy, my client’s dev team are reassured that they can meet deadlines and their work isn’t always strewn with errors and bugs. This in turn creates a happier team environment, and makes my client happier too.

Hoorah for Umbraco.