I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked with some great teams and for some great companies. I have been involved at almost every stage of a project, from scoping and requirement gathering to training the client. I’ve tried to list some of the sites I consider to have been important to my development and some which have just been too sweet not to mention!


castoff I built this auction site in 2010 from scratch using .Net MVC2, NHibernate and Amazon S3.

By the time it reached my desk, the project had a fixed go-live date, a fixed price and had been under-quoted by over 60k with a spec which read “build EBay”.

The use of MVC was a no-brainer but I had to train a very talented colleague, Dan Attfield in order to help with the build. I delivered a website that I am extremely proud of.



foreverfriends This site was surprisingly challenging to build. The media-heavy nature of the site meant that we chose to host all media-related content (imagery, css, flash) on Amazon S3.

The site has an enormous amount of traffic which meant that special attention was given to ensuring that data delivery was as streamlined as possible.

There were additional challenges of working with so much Flash based-content, providing data feeds and also collect data from the Flash applications.

This is still a beautiful site, it was built to change with the seasons and has inspired the way I work with certain projects since then.


tq This site was built for a leading investment group using .Net MVC and Web Forms. The site had distinct areas, each with their own distinct purpose and set of functionality. The most complex of which was the TQ Invest area which provides the means to research and buy investment funds.

I pushed for the use of Lucene.net on the site to power the site search and also the Fund search. The site maintains two separate indexes that allows content and fund searches to be performed across independently but also allows for the site search to combine both sets of data and ranked.


Other sites

I am fortunate to have worked and been involved with far too many sites to mention here but below is a sample of some: