About me

I specialise in .Net web development, particularly Umbraco CMS solutions. I have strong experience in OOP and in frameworks such as MVC, NHibernate, EF, Lucene and technologies like Azure

My name is Kieron McIntyre and I'm a .Net developer based in north Leeds, West Yorkshire. I started down this road in '99 and have never been happier! Since then have worked as a web developer in financial, corporate and more recently digital agency environments.

I have worked on and led projects ranging from national and local government websites to intranets for Transport for London and InBev; from websites for Hallmark's Forever Friends and to trust fund supermarket sites like financial group Torquil Clark and national cosmetic surgery providers Transform.

I can provide and support solutions using a range of frameworks and technologies including:

  • C#.Net MVC and Web Forms
  • NHibernate, EF, Petapoco
  • SQL Server
  • Javascript
  • Azure

Other services

Although my services are predominantly programming and development focussed I do offer a range of other services.

  • I have a great deal of experience project requirement gathering and technical specification writing;
  • I am proficient in server management, maintenance and setup and maintain many of the servers for my clients;
  • I can also provide or help in sourcing hosting;
  • I have provided a great deal of training to clients in the past, either one-on-one or often groups up to 10. This has included providing on-site training to Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and MyTravelSupermarket;

And in case you're interested ...

In addition to this I have experience in CMS, ecommerce and 3rd party platforms such as:

  • Umbraco;
  • Orchard;
  • nopCommerce;
  • BlogEngine.Net;
  • A range of bespoke CMS platforms.

I am passionate about technologies and amongst other things use the following:

  • Subversion & Git
  • TeamCity & Cruise Control.
  • NUnit
  • Lucene.Net
  • NAnt
  • AngularJS, JQuery
  • WCF
  • Log4net, ELMAH
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