A fresh design and a completely new website build

It's been such a long time coming and although my previous site has done pretty well, frankly I couldn't wait any longer to dump it. In actual fact quite a few clients have made first contact using my old site so I'm curious to know how well a refresh will do ...

Sam Kitson

Sam KitsonMy good friend Sam Kitson has put together what I think is a pretty fresh and smart design. Exactly what I as looking for, exactly to brief and budget so thank you Sam! In addition to that he built the templates using the Zurb Foundation framework and in his typical style has built them mobile-first, so they are extremely lightweight and function beautifully.


I was keen to build the site in Umbraco (version 7.2 to be precise) as that is my tool of choice nowadays. It's a good showcase for what it can achieve within limited timescales. For example, this site was put together in my spare time over a period of about 8 hours. Sure, it's basic but the concepts supporting it aren't. When you think that every element of text in the site is manageable, the homepage footprint is about 150Kb and that the average page load is sub 1 second, I think that's fairly impressive.

Tags: Sam Kitson , Umbraco
Published: 08 February 2015

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