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  • Async/await in Umbraco custom controllers - Part 2

    12th November 2015

    Following on from my original post about a bug in async/await actions in custom controllers in Umbraco 6 & 7, I did some investigations and found the cause. So I thought I'd outline my solution for all those who can't upgrade. It's also an interesting trip into code that you wouldn't normally touch.

    Tags: Umbraco , Async
  • Async/await in Umbraco custom controllers

    12th October 2015

    Custom controllers in Umbraco natively support async/await operations but it's not clear how to implement an asynchronous controller correctly.

    Tags: Umbraco , Async
  • Changing Umbraco's backoffice address

    20th February 2015

    By default your backoffice would be accessible at /umbraco. This not only provides users an opportunity to (try and) access the backoffice but it also divulges the fact that you are using Umbraco and .Net and it may be possible to exploit this - neither Umbraco nor .Net are flawless.

    Tags: Umbraco
  • Making Spaces goes live

    16th February 2015

    Making Spaces went live today and although this isn't something I built myself I'm pleased I was able to help.

    Tags: Wix
  • A fresh design and a completely new website build

    8th February 2015

    Well it's taken long enough but I now have a fresh design courtesy of Sam Kitson and a completely new build using Umbraco 7.2. Streamlined and sleek, just what I was hoping for.

    Tags: Sam Kitson , Umbraco
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